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Martin Vaux is a Sussex-based writer, actor and podcaster.

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Martin grew up in the developing world, including in Uganda and Papua New Guinea.

After attending boarding schools in the south of England, he studied English at the University of Exeter and lived for many years in North London.

In addition to writing and performing in plays and sketch and stand-up comedy, he has worked as a radio presenter, marketing officer, freelance journalist, and teacher.

Between 2012 and 2016 he was the Creative Director of Black Box Games, co-designing and managing the award-winning Lords of War card game series.

He is currently a freelance writer, actor, and podcaster, and is studying for his MA in Romantic and Victorian Literature and Culture at Goldsmiths.

Three Ravens Podcast

Martin is a co-host and the producer of The Three Ravens Podcast, which launched in March 2023.


On Mondays, episodes focus on one of England's 39 historic counties, exploring the history, folklore and traditions of the area.


Then, most importantly, Martin and co-host Eleanor Conlon take turns to tell new versions of ancient stories from that county.

On Thursdays the pair release Bonus Episodes on diverse themes including the history of magic, mythical creatures, heritage crafts, and true crimes with folkloric twists.



Martin occasionally blogs about film, TV and music.

Not all at once though.

His views are his own.


Martin writes poetry influenced by Romanticism and the Gothic.

Read samples of his work here.


Martin also writes non-Three Ravens short stories from time to time.

Unless stated, these examples are exclusive to this website.

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