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Martin's Songs of the Year 2020

In 2017, I was in a bit of a state. To help, I started on a ridiculous project.

Having been a huge music fan all of my life, I had accumulated a stupidly large record collection, and it was in disarray - much like I felt I was myself.

I therefore set about organising all of the music I owned, and in creating playlists for every year, working my way back to 1962 - where my taste in pop music seems to have its roots.

The idea was that I would come away with 80-minute, CD-length playlists for each year. And for most years, I have two CDs worth. Some I have three, and in a few cases I have only one.

Some years are definitely better music years than others!

More than anything though, the 'Grand Playlistification' was an incredibly healing experience - profound and meaningful and inspiring. My playlists may mean nothing at all to anyone but me, but to me they mean an enormous amount. The process was hugely therapeutic, and thank goodness for it.

Anyway, since 2017 I have continued the tradition, picking favourite songs - often from favourite albums - as released in each year, and creating playlists.

Here are my lists for 2020. I hope that you enjoy them, and that they provide you with something close to the comfort, motivation and sense of joy they have offered me in what has been quite the journey around the sun.

Big love,

Martin xx

P.S. This year's playlist is on Spotify - I have embedded it, if you scroll down...

P.P.S You can check out last year's playlist here.

Side A - Like Camping, I'm All Intense

  1. PUP - Rot

  2. Songhoy Blues - Worry

  3. The Beths - I'm Not Getting Excited

  4. The Strokes - Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus

  5. Sparks - Self-Effacing

  6. Lynks Afrikka - I Don't Know What I Want

  7. Circa Waves - Be Your Drug

  8. Do Nothing - Lebron James

  9. Melt Yourself Down - Every Single Day

  10. Chronixx - Dela Move

  11. Obongjayar - Soldier Ant

  12. Alph The Alien feat. Open Mike Eagle - Intellectual Property

  13. Gorillaz feat ScHoolboy Q - Pac-Man

  14. Manga Saint Hilaire - Don't Hold Your Breath

  15. Footsie feat JME - Pepper Stew

  16. Run The Jewels feat. Zach De La Rocha - JU$T

  17. clipping. - Say the Same

  18. Aesop Rock - The Gates

  19. Busta Rhymes feat. Anderson .Paak - YUUUU

  20. Turnstile & Mall Grab - The Real Thing

  21. Die Antwoord - FUTURE BABY

  22. twst - Are You Listening?

  23. Royal & The Serpent - Overwhelmed

  24. Best Frenz feat. Joywave & Jason Suwito - Ugly Ending

Side B - Try To Picture A Rainbow

  1. The Front Bottoms - Everyone Blooms

  2. Jeff Rosenstock - The Beauty Of Breathing

  3. Reignwolf - Cabin Fever

  4. Pabst - Ibuprofen

  5. The Moore Family Band - Raining Inside My Head

  6. We Are Scientists - Cut My Own Hair

  7. Patrón - Who Do You Dance For?

  8. IDLES - Grounds

  9. Ohmme - Mine

  10. Celeste - Stop This Flame

  11. Mac Miller - Good News

  12. EOB - Shangri-La

  13. Jackie Lynn - Shugar Water

  14. Josie Man - Just Me

  15. Tired Lion - Waterbed

  16. Soccer Mommy - Indie Rokkers

  17. Ezra Furman - Every Feeling

  18. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Be Afraid

  19. Flyte - Losing You

  20. Oh Wonder - In And Out Of Love

  21. Greta Isaac - Power

  22. Bob Dylan - I Contain Multitudes

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